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For All of the Buffalo, NY & Rochester, NY

If you live in a home that is older and has intricate and elegant architecture, an asphalt shingle roof can take away from its true beauty. The eye will immediately go to the roof and people may think how out of place it looks. To enhance the beauty of your home, slate roofing may be your best choice.

Quarried in Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia, our slate roofing tiles provide a unique roofing option that is sure to impress. Along with its natural beauty, slate roofing is also extremely durable and is known to last over 150 years. Slate roofing is also environmentally friendly. Because it is natural stone, there is no pollution during manufacturing, and the shingles are completely recyclable if ever removed.

Slate can weigh anywhere from 500 to 3,600 pounds per square foot depending on the thickness. In comparison, most asphalt shingles found on homes weigh between 200 and 300 pounds per square foot. Therefore, before Neth & Son will install a slate roofing system, your building frame must be inspected and approved to withstand the heavy load.

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Slate roofing is a great option for older homes found in the Buffalo and Rochester, NY area, but be sure to contact our team to evaluate your home to ensure it will be able to hold the weight. We look forward to working with you!