Roof Coating

Roof Coating

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Your roofing is an essential component of your residential and commercial properties, and over time sun exposure, environmental fluctuations, and weather variants can all begin to affect your roofing. Roof coating is an extra layer of protection placed on an already installed roof that extends the life of your roofing system. Without proper roof coating, your roof will deteriorate, and you will need to consider a roof replacement.

At Neth & Son, Inc. our residential and commercial roofing contractors are here to help you prolong the life of your roof. Unlike other roofing companies, our roofing contractors take pride in their work, and we use only the best products the industry has to offer. When you need a roof coating, trust our skilled team for assistance. Give us a call today for more information. We proudly provide services to Buffalo, NY; Rochester, NY; Orlando, FL; Altamonte Springs, FL; Kissimmee, FL; and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Before spending thousands of dollars on a roof replacement, consider a roof coating. While the primary purpose of a roof coating is to extend the life span of your roof, there are also many additional benefits. Below are a few benefits of getting a coating for your roof.

- Increases Roof Life

- Reduces Energy Usage

- Helps Prevent Fires

- Versatile

- Protects Against Leaks

- Environmentally Friendly

- Easy Installation

Whether your roof is older, cracking, leaking, or more, it may be time to consider a roof coating. At Neth & Son, Inc., our roofing contractors are here to help! If too much damage is done to your roof to perform a roof coating, we can assist you with a roof replacement. Give us a call today to get started. We offer residential and commercial roofing solutions throughout Buffalo, NY; Rochester, NY; Orlando, FL; Altamonte Springs, FL; and Kissimmee, FL.

When to Get Roof Coating

Roof coating can be advantageous in a number of different situations. Consider using roof coating in Buffalo, NY; Rochester, NY; Orlando, FL; Altamonte Springs, FL; and Kissimmee, FL if you want to:

  • Protect expensive materials: Roof coating can be an excellent way to preserve and extend the life of expensive roofing materials such as steep slope metal. Down the road, repairs can be made on the roof coating and not the more expensive metal, saving you money.
  • Have an inexpensive, quick repair: If you are working with a tight budget and need repairs fast, roof coating can be a great way to stop leaks or other problems without breaking the bank. This gives you time to get the money for repairs and provides temporary relief from the problem.
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your home or business: Especially in Florida, having a cool roof coating applied to your building or home can increase its energy efficiency. In fact, in some cities, it is required to have highly reflective roof coating in order to direct light and heat away from the building.