Flat Tile Metal Roofing

Flat Tile Metal Roofing Options

For All of the Buffalo, NY; Rochester, NY; Altamonte Springs, FL; Kissimmee, FL & Orlando, FL Areas

A well-constructed flat tile roofing system should last more than 50 years. These products need very little maintenance, and because they are fireproof, they may save you money on insurance.

The material for your flat tile metal roof can weigh between 800 and 1,600 pounds per square foot installed, whereas most asphalt shingles usually weigh between 200 and 300 pounds per square foot. Before you decide on tile roofing, give our metal roofing contractors a call. Neth & Son will inspect your building frame to approve it to withstand the heavy load of tile.

Flat Tile Roofing is Always a Great Option

Tile is made from concrete or clay, and it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Clay tile is available glazed or unglazed. Able to compliment a variety of home styles, tile roofing is always a great choice!

Flat tile metal roofing can be the perfect commercial roofing option, as well. Tile roofing lends your property a sophisticated and polished look, unique to many commercial buildings in both the Buffalo and Rochester, NY areas and the Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee and Orlando, FL areas.

How to Know If Flat Roof Repair is All You Need

Most roofing companies will suggest that you need a full roof replacement when in some cases, a simple flat roof repair can do the trick. The roofing contractors of Neth & Son will evaluate your roof and provide an honest solution for your commercial or residential roofing system. Here are some circumstances when a quick flat roof repair may be all you need:

1. Damage was caused by an incident such as wind-blown debris

2. Overall roof is in good condition

3. Damaged area is small

4. Roof age is fairly newer

Not sure what you should do for your roof? Want more information about the tile roofing options we offer? Contact our contractors today! Don't forget we also provide emergency flat roof repair, so if you're in need of urgent service, we've got your back. We have locations in both Buffalo and Orlando, which allow us to serve areas like Rochester and Western New York as well as Altamonte Springs and Kissimmee. If you're interested in flat tile metal roofing, give us a call and we can provide a free estimate!